When ripping up the infamous Single Chair at Mad River Glen yesterday, a few of these came to mind as I reflected on how much I love the damn snow.  Here’s to a little humor.

  1. You’re VERY comfortable with three digits in your checking account
  2. You cook breakfast in sweaty long underwear 5 days per week
  3. A VERY nice dinner is a burrito
  4. You’ve heard the term “freegan”
  5. You have buddies that vicariously live through you from Boston
  6. You have quit a desk job to ski powder
  7. You own a throwback corduroy hat
  8. PBR is considered a micro brew, not a hipster item
  9. The duct tape on your ski pants is actually covering a hole, not just trying to look like you ski a lot
  10. You cringe when getting asked “so where’s the powder here” on a chairlift.

Have some others?  Share them.