The 2013 Boise Twilight Criterium in Pictures

2013 Boise Twilight Criterium
CleanSnipe traveled over to the next state for the 2013 Boise Twilight Criterium July 13th.

Couldn’t make it yourself? Here’s a picture gallery of the annual crit that’s part of the USA Cycling Racing Calendar for you to view.

About the Boise Twilight Crit:

Professional and recreational cyclists have been racing at top speeds around downtown Boise, ID since 1987. Since then, the evening event has acquired quite a reputation as one of the best crits on the USA Cycling racing calendar, attracting world-class cyclists to compete for cash, merchandise and glory and attracting approximately 20,000 enthusiastic fans.

Criterium /krīˈti(ə)rēəm/, noun;
A criterium, or crit, is a bike race held on a short course (usually less than 1 mile), often run on closed-off city center streets. Success in road criteriums requires a mix of good technical skills — in particular, the ability to corner smoothly while ‘holding your line’ on the road, as well as rapidly and sharply — and riding safely with a large group on a short circuit and exceptional ‘sprint’ ability to attack other riders and repeatedly accelerate hard from corners.” — Wikipedia

A Bit About Boise:

Boise, Idaho is a great little cycling friendly community. Fitness enthusiasts abound mixed with a thriving artist and music community.

Boise also has a wonderful Basque community since they started sheep herding there beginning in the 1800’s. Don’t miss Bar Gernika, a restaurant/bar located about a block from the race that serves Basque specialties featuring grass-fed lamb and scrumptious croquetas (fried potato, chicken and butter balls) and surprisingly modest prices. The bar is the entry way to the Basque block with the Basque Museum and Cultural Center.

Boise Twilight Crit and Street Art: