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Top 10 Running Deals for the Week of 2/3/2014

Top 10 Running Deals for the Week of 2/3/2014 After a huge dump here in Jackson our legs are hurting and we need to get

How to Choose Running Shoes

How to Choose Running Shoes [Infographic] Is running one of your 2013 New Year’s resolutions? Running shoes that are appropriate for you are an important

Hiking and Running Shoe Deals Comments Off on Hiking and Running Shoe Deals

Hiking and Running Shoe Deals

Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) Hiking and Running Shoe Deals Happy Spring! It’s here and it’s about that time to break out your hiking or running

CleanSnipe Exclusive: 40% off on Arc’teryx 2011 Gear

Arc’teryx 2011 Gear 40% off – CleanSnipe Exclusive All 2011 Arc’teryx Gear is at least 40% off – Get Yours While Supplies Last! This is

ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Injury-Free Running

ChiRunning® (based on the principles of Tai Chi) was created by Danny Dryer in 2004.  The Principals are based on running with good posture and

Chi Running: “Make Your Running a Practice”

As a student and instructor of yoga, I’ve always been taught to keep away from running as a form of exercise. The compression on joints

Trail Running Part V: Recovery

In the days following a long trail run or a race, athletes typically turn their attention to recovering from the ordeal. There’s a great sense

May 04, 2011 Trail Running

Trail Running Part IV: Trail Selection

Now that you have selected the perfect pair of shoes, have tips on the correct technique, and are fit and ready with the cross training

Trail Running Part III: Cross Training

When trail running you’ll find that you will have more lateral movements as opposed to the linear motion of road running.  This means your peripheral

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