Southern Hemisphere Swell Lights up Santa Cruz| “The Wedge” Goes Off | The Biggest Paddle-In Wave Ever at Puerto Escondido

It’s been quite the week for surfers from Chile to California. While first hand reporting comes from Santa Cruz, as you’ll see below, the ocean

Surf Trips Vol. 3| “The Far North Shore”, Yakutat, Alaska

What comes to mind when you hear, “Alaska”? Whatever it is-wilderness, bears, mountains-it’s probably not surf. The thing is, whether you’re looking for monster swells in winter,

Rob Machado Tries a Surf Snowboard

Fish out of Water – Surf Snowboard Check out this great video of pro surfer trying out a hybrid surf snowboard

Inspirational Video of Blind Surfer

Amazing Blind Surfer Surfing’s hard, but how much harder would it be if you were blind? Here’s a quick video of an inspiring young man,

March 07, 2012 Surf, Videos, Videos

Warm Thoughts for Cold Weather…

As we anticipate feet of fresh snow here in Jackson, we have Billabong to thank for showing us sunshine and beautiful women ripping tuuuubes, a

December 29, 2011 Photos, Surf, Surfing, Videos, Videos

VIDEO: WORLD RECORD 90 Foot Wave Surfed by Garret McNamara

Garrett McNamara, a big-wave surfing icon from Hawaii, rode the largest wave ever during a tow-surfing session Tuesday off the coast of Nazare, a small

Naish SUPing Overhead Pavones With Style

Catching a two minute ride on an overhead wave is something most surfers can only dream of. Legendary waterman Robby Naish makes it a

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