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Anarchy Scathe Sunglasses

Slip on the Anarchy Scathe Sunglasses and stop frightening children with your piercing gaze. Their wrapped shape protects unsuspecting youth from your soul-wilting stare while shielding your eyes from UV rays.

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Whiskey Militia12/7/2010$8.99
Whiskey Militia10/6/2010$8.99
Whiskey Militia8/12/2010$7.99
Whiskey Militia7/28/2010$8.99
Whiskey Militia7/9/2010$9.99
Whiskey Militia7/4/2010$10.99
Whiskey Militia6/24/2010$12.99
Whiskey Militia6/2/2010$0.00
Whiskey Militia6/2/2010$0.00
Whiskey Militia6/2/2010$0.00
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