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Surftech Minami PL TL Surfboard

Legendary shaper Glen Minami's expertise is apparent in the PL TL Surfboard's design as each board has less concave as they progress through the sizes. With a narrow overall shape and small squash tail, this tri-fin board is ideal for advanced riders looking for speed and agility in the big shit. When it's time to get aggressive, attack lips, and attempt to transport yourself to an alternate reality in chillingly-narrow barrels go with the Minami PL.

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Backcountry Outlet7/28/2011$335.98
Whiskey Militia6/23/2011$249.99
Whiskey Militia6/23/2011$249.99
Whiskey Militia4/8/2011$299.99
Whiskey Militia1/11/2011$299.99
Whiskey Militia12/13/2010$299.99
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