We are now the Artists Formerly Known As CleanSnipe…

On 4/2/2014, CleanSnipe will officially become “GearMarket.” Even though, for the last five years we have provided one of the cheapest and most innovative outdoor gear shopping experiences on the internet, we wanted to make it even better. This change to a cleaner and more streamlined shopping experience represents our new way of doing things: with better, more modern, organization. Our goal is to make our site easier for you to navigate. We hope it is.

It Just Makes Sense.

Shopping at just sounds better than shopping at CleanSnipe. You know it’s bad when every time someone asks you about your favorite place to shop, you have to repeat the name 5 times until the conversation eventually evolves in to charades. We were never CleanSwipe, GreenSnipe, or Queen anything.

In order to make things easier on you and your friends (mostly your friends, considering that they are assumed to have been victim to the embarrassing scenario of you trying to act out our company name), we are giving ourselves a digital face-lift. We are now !

Surfer at the beach

Same Same But, Different.

Nothing is changing in the way we do business. We will still work with the best gear retailers and merchants to inform you about the best deals on the market and you will still get cash back for shopping through our site (now www.gearmarket.com).

Hurts So Good.

As far as changes to our website go, we are redesigning a bit in an attempt to make things more organized and easier for you to navigate. In other words, we want you to be able to open our home page and be literally slapped in the face with deals so good, you can’t ignore them. We apologize in advance for any facial injuries. (Full disclosure: our website will not really physically hurt you. We love you too much to do that to you, and we’re also pretty sure that’s impossible.)

Pretty Colors!

The last thing we are changing, probably the coolest thing, is our brand. In transition to “GearMarket”, we are changing, along with the name, the company colors and logo. We hope that this re-brand helps portray the new growth we feel we are in the process of creating within our company and makes your shopping experience much more enjoyable (and nice-looking).


Thank You.

We would like to thank you, our valued customers and loyal friends of CleanSnipe, for all of your support throughout this exciting and confusing time of growth from tween-hood into a handsome, young-adult company. Though we are in transition, please don’t let the crustache and over-use of axe body spray fool you, we are still the same company you know and love. Thanks for sticking with us!

Love, The CleanSnipe/GearMarket Crew

GearMarket Mobile App now available in Android and ios stores.