The author skiing in the Kullu Valley, Indian Himalaya, April 2008.

The author skiing in the Kullu Valley, Indian Himalaya, April 2008

It may be summer, but if you’re a powder junky, you’re already scheming for your next big ski adventure for the 2015 winter season. I’m thrilled to share that I’ll be guiding with the Adventure Project in Gulmarg, India this upcoming winter and I’d love for you to join me!

The Adventure Project specializes in helping intrepid skiers and riders access some of the most far out ski destinations in the world. With several trips in the cooker, the focus for February 2015 is to ski and ride in the Indian Himalaya with help from the world’s second highest gondola. Gulmarg is located in Kashmir at the far northern tip of India. The terrain accessible from the gondola is enormous boasting incredible freeride terrain across a 5 km ridge. The ski options are endless, and the ski touring is world class.

Ski touring in Gulmarg, India

Ski touring in Gulmarg, India

A trip to Gulmarg is not your typical ski adventure. Like other ski outfits I guide for this outfit represents a truly unique opportunity to not only ski incredible powder, but to visit a special corner of the planet. The skiing is unlike anywhere on earth. Where else can you step off a gondola above 13,000 feet and have more than 4,000 vertical feet of skiing below you? On a good year Gulmarg will get plastered with more than 40 feet of snow, but on a busy day there will only be around 200 people at maximum on the hill. Regardless, we won’t be planning on skiing anything but the freshest snow we can find so you can rest assured that whether we’re touring or just spinning laps off the gondola we’ll be sniffing out the best runs on any given day.

Beyond the skiing, Gulmarg represents a culturally based ski trip where the fabulous skiing is accentuated by the local people and place we’re visiting. The locals are super friendly and enjoy visitors. The food is delicious and the accommodations are varied enough to keep any type of ski traveler happy and comfortable.

Gondola accessed ski terrain, Gulmarg, India

Gondola accessed ski terrain, Gulmarg, India

To learn more about the diverse ski terrain, options for accommodations, and everything related to skiing in Gulmarg click here.

Over the years of ski travel and guiding, I’ve found that it’s venturing off the beaten path, on trips to places like Gulmarg, where the experience comes to mean so much more than a typical ski vacation. My first trip skiing in the Himalaya was to the Kullu Valley in 2008. I’ve had some wild adventures skiing around the world since then-across all seven continents-but this trip is still one that stands out. The people, culture, way of life, food, alpine scenery, ski terrain, other travelers we met-nothing has ever really approached that experience in the same way because India and the Himalaya are like nothing else.

Scouting terrain, Gulmarg, India

Scouting terrain, Gulmarg, India

I’m excited for the plans that are shaping up for the 2015 ski season, and with several adventures on the plate, I’m incredibly excited to be venturing back to the Indian Himalaya. Check out the Adventure Project website for more details on dates/cost, and everything else related to skiing power in the Himalaya in February 2015. Please get in touch with me through this piece by leaving a comment or through my website for any questions I can answer.




Stay in a house boat, check out the monkeys and temples, and ski some cold Himalayan powder. I hope to see you in Gulmarg in February 2015!

All photos courtesy of the Adventure Project except the lead shot