The ISIS Lume Print Tank Top Has Good Design, Many Uses and Travels Well

Isis Lume Print Tank
Investing in the ISIS Lume Print Tank is a good idea for the woman who has to bring home the bacon and still have time to hit the yoga mat or hiking trail after work since it’s dressy enough to wear to even an office job yet transitions nicely into light outdoor activity.

Lume Tank: Fashionable & Functional

Made from a viscose fabric with a little spandex it breathes like cotton, is soft to touch, drapes nicely and doesn’t get wrinkly, even when packed (for days) in luggage, so it’s the perfect travel companion.

Whether you’re parked at your computer at work or traveling by car, plane or train you’ll look effortlessly stylish for three good design features:

  • A draped cowl neck flatters most women’s body types
  • Asymetrical stripes and construction also flatter and don’t “expand” you like horizontal stripes
  • Thin diagonal stripes paired with interesting colors make it more dynamic looking and give it an edgy, graphic, hip appeal

isis lume print tank detailed view of neck

The cowl neck style is said to have been inspired by early Grecian fashions, which specialized in draped garments that didn’t conform to the body’s contours. Cowl necklines are especially flattering to small-chested figures as the extra draping of the fabric can add volume to the bust area.” –Wisegeek

ISIS Lume Print Tank Features:

  • Flattering draped cowl neck
  • Asymmetrical panels offer flattering shape
  • Wide shoulder straps for full coverage (no peaking bra straps)
  • Easy Care/Easy Wear – packs easy, maintains shape, and wrinkle resistant
  • Body length: 27 inches
  • Fabric: 95% Viscose/5% Spandex

ISIS Lume Print Review

I ordered the ISIS Lume Print tank based on its stylish look. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the 27 inch length for my exceptionally short torso, so I wouldn’t recommend if you were blessed with the same type of torso. Otherwise, it’s one of those shirts you wear as often as you can until your colleagues and friends sit you down for a you-wear-the-same-thing-everyday intervention. The sizing is pretty much true, but runs more on the small size, but just a bit. Get one and wear it out!

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Isis Lume Print Tank in Red, White, and Blue

Isis Lume Print Tank in Red, White, and Blue