Lasso Security Lasso Lock

Lasso Security Lasso Lock

Lasso security cable easily secures your kayak to any standard rooftop rack, deterring theft of your watercraft in the driveway or the backcountry. Made with super-tough 3/8-in., vinyl-coated galvanized steel cabling for serious protection and peace of mind. Integrated tamper-proof barrel lock with combination dials removes the worry of keeping up with keys. Cable length is 16 ft. with a 12 in. diameter loop on each end that's designed for recreational and touring kayaks with narrower hulls. Secures in seconds and removes easily with no tools required; can be attached to standard car racks or even to a tree. Includes rugged Cordura(TM) nylon storage sack with drawcord closure to keep your lasso lock clean and tangle free during storage or transport.

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