Skier/Filmmaker: Lynsey Dyer Photo: wyofile

by Jillian Raymond



snowflakes on your tongue.

snorkel-deep powder days.

dreams lines.


Thank you skier girls for showing the world who we are.

Yes, I felt a part of the movie. Girls have a way of doing that for one another- it is part of the goddess code- the sisterhood of shred– the joy of being connected and in tune. As a viewer I simply met up with my friends before and after the movie, and sat with them hooting and whooping as athletes in Pretty Faces did their dance with the mountains. It was an epic community event and brought smiles and stoke to the ski scene- what else is the job of a good ski flick? Oh yeah- showing rad terrain and beautiful faces….

“Pretty face are everywhere. On billboards, in magazines, and on television, luring us in, telling us who to be, how to act and what to aspire to. The faces that we seek are similar. They lure us in, they tell us who to be, they make us who we are, the difference is the pretty faces we seek are above 5,000 feet.” Lyndsey Dyer


In my home town showing in Tahoe City, CA due to slight technical difficulties Pretty Faces was postponed one week, but in return the Tahoe Arts and Cinema Haus added a second screening, which sold out like the first one, and allowed for over a hundred more happy ski movie goers to take in the film. It was cool to see so many  young grommets wide-eyed and jaw dropped at the beautiful skiers on the screen shredding and making their dreams a reality.

To me that is what this movie, and in actuality all movies, are about- DREAMS. If it was easy we all would be doing it, but Lyndsey Dyer’s vision and her passion was what made this film a reality. A kickstarter campaign that raised almost double what it had hoped got the snowball rolling, and then a crew of talented, dedicated skiers who have the drive and willingness to go big and get after it brought it all home! Thank you! The bigger picture of this film is the legacy it leaves because ski movies have been inspiring for decades, however female skiers have largely played smaller roles. Pretty Faces is unique- a one of a kind  film and hopefully a trendsetter for years to come. Be goofy, be rad, be yourself (oh that self is a women, should we all roar now?:).

Check out the movie on demand here 

The travel and locations featured in Pretty Faces are a to-do list for skiers today. One of the lessons Rachel Burke shared will stay with me and many others as we venture to AK ourselves- “In Alaska, you don’t slow down.” Viewers see her descend a breathtaking spine with ease and grace yet have a epic fail as she slows and the slope rips beneath her. At the film’s close she is seen skiing the line with success, her athleticism and stoke wraps up the footage and we get sent off with aspirations of revisiting fears and being courageous and brave in this wild world.

Photo: skinet

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Photo: skinet

No group of humans needs a better excuse to get dressed up and go out than ski ladies so it was natural that each and every showing of Pretty Faces harnessed a crowd of pleather pants, furry vests, and unicorns princesses to cinemas across the country for her film: The story of a story girl. Did she stay true to her title? Yes, and thank you Lynsey for the storytelling and vision you shared in this first time attempt at capturing lady skiers on and off the hill. Yes boys, we make breakfast, yes boys we get fired up over weather, and yes boys we rip dream lines in AK! Pretty Faces took the story of a skier girl and made it come to life showing all skiers that we are linked by this common love of the mountains and thrill of the ski, regardless of gender.