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Jenson USA, one of the nation’s largest retailers of bicycles and related parts and accessories, has over 20,000 items in stock in its stores and online. Featuring top-notch customer service, Jenson USA carries the top brands in the bicycle industry for riders of all ages and abilities. Popular bike brands Focus, Yeti, Ibis, Intense, Diamondback, Rocky Mountain and more are often on sale or found at affordable prices.

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Spot Wazee Bike 2015
Spot Wazee Bike 2015

Spot has had a singular, and focused goal from the onset of their existence. They want to produce and build a product that turns bike riders into bike addicts. They have accomplished this are continuously at the forefront of bicycle innovation. Make no mistake that they are truly interested in innovation and not creating or following trendy fads. The partnership with Gates brings Spot and their products to the next level. Imagine a strong, reliable, and silent drive train. Imagine a drivetrain that would require little to no maintenance, outlast anything else on the market and run so silent, that your ears are filled with nothing but the sweet sounds of tweety birds, crickets, and the cherished buzz of tires hugging pavement. You have just imagined the Gates Carbon Drive System. The carbon reinforced polyurethane belt will outlast a traditional chain and cassette system by up to 3 times, will never need oiled, and sheds nasty road grime instead of collecting it. Literally, forget about maintenance and adjustments, just ride. The Wazee has style, precision and panache. The Spot Wazee 2015 Bike brings together a sleek and streamlined steel frame, Gates Carbon Drive system to create a silent, smooth, and nimble city slayer of a bike. A street ninja if you will. Sneak through the city on your way to work, grocery store, library or other Ninja like errands. Spot paired the Wazee with Shimano Alfine for an easy and responsive 11-speed system for precise and responsive
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