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CEP Dynamic Short Compression Sock - Men's Size V Color Black/Grey
CEP Dynamic Short Compression Sock - Men's Size V Color Black/Grey

Proven to Reduce Injury Rx Achi Panel - Improved Achilles support that provides protection for reduced injury Propio Ankle - Anatomical knitting for improved coordination, support and comfort. Enhanced proprioception in the ankle Rx Meta Ring - Circumferential compression around the metatardals reduces superficial swelling in the foot Features Hydrophile finish effectively wicks moisture away from the skin for perfect heat and moisture management Filament fiber for extreme durability Soft band for a perfect stay-put fit Extra- flat toe seam prevents pressure points Anatomical fit Metatarsus compression zone for arch stabilization Optimized Achilles tendon protector Air channels for ventilation in the foot region Antibacterial, odor-reducing silver ions Perfect fit prevents blisters Ankle and foot stabilization Unmatched wearing comfort in shoes Promotes circulation in the foot and prevents congestion Increased blood circulation Material - 85% polyamide, 15% spandex Size V Color Black/Grey
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