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WhiskeyMilitia Tracker

WhiskeyMilitia is a website that sells skate, surf and snowboard clothing and gear at amazingly discounted prices. WhiskeyMilitia sells one great gear deal at a time until is gone. The Deals sell out fast. Here at cleansnipe if you miss a deal on WhiskeyMilitia we give you a second chance to buy at 40% off ! We also allow you to sign up for email and text deal alerts. So next time the gear you are looking for shows up on WhiskeyMilitia you can own it !

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DAKINE Factor 20L Laptop Backpack - 1200cu in
DAKINE Factor 20L Laptop Backpack - 1200cu in

You could always choose to have your laptop surgically attached to your body, but the DAKINE Factor Backpack is a much easier way to keep your favorite electronic gizmo within arm's reach.
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$20 $45
56% off
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