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5 Pieces of Essential Equipment for Backcountry Skiing II | 2014-2015′ Season Highlights

Dynafit Ski Crampons. If you haven’t found a place for ski crampons in your backcountry ski gear collection yet, what are you waiting for? These

The Ripest of June Corn Snow | 5 photos | Mt. Shasta

When corn skiing is almost as good as powder skiing, and it’s the middle of June,  you might be on Mt. Shasta. The following five photos

5 Pieces of Essential Equipment for Backcountry Skiing I | 2014-2015′ Season Highlights

As a ski guide and freelance writer, each winter season I’m given the opportunity to test, review and make use of various items essential for backcountry

Skiers Rejoice: A Late Taste of Winter in California | 5 Photos

The winter that never was decided to return to the Golden State this past week. With some Eastern Sierra locales collecting close to two-feet of

May 15, 2015 Featured, Photos, Ski, skiing, snow, Snowboard

Gear Review | Backcountry Access (BCA) Float 42 Airbag

Over the past three months I’ve worked as a ski guide in Kashmir, Alaska, and Greenland. Skiing in such parts of the world requires the

The Over-Snow Vehicle Rule and a Backcountry Survey for Californians

If you’re a backcountry user, this is big, real big. For the first time in many years the US Forest Service (USFS) has finally issued

As Good As It Gets| A Ski Expedition to Sisimiut, Greenland III

All of the huts we stayed in on our trip last April were cozy and warm. The food was great, and of course, the skiing

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