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Fall Fitness Tips

How To Embrace Fall As the seasons change, you may find yourself unable to do things outdoors you once were. With mud on the ground,

October 21, 2013 Featured, Fitness

Off-Season Adventure: Camping in Moab, Utah

Why Moab? Make the fall fly by! Go on an off-season adventure to Moab, Utah and winter will be here before you know it. Moab’s

The Art of FLIGHT Movie Review

Premier Premiere CleanSnipe recently checked out the premiere of Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm Cinema’s new movie The Art of FLIGHT in Jackson

Chi Running: “Make Your Running a Practice”

As a student and instructor of yoga, I’ve always been taught to keep away from running as a form of exercise. The compression on joints


Cops brutalize fun-loving futbol fan. Soccer mob serves justice

June 11, 2011 Hilarious, Videos


Man gets ticket for riding outside the NYC bike lanes. Man vows to crash into every object blocking bike lanes... including the occasional cop

Stand Up Paddle Boarding 101…

The newest canoeing-kayaking-surfing hybrid is laying claim to our rivers, lakes and oceans. If you haven’t tried SUPing or Stand Up Paddle Surfing you’re definitely

Stash Your Cache: Building A Budget Backcountry Retreat

There are plenty of good reasons to stash a little camping gear out in the backcountry. If you're gonna do it, do it right

Back On The Horse That Bucked You Off

I grew up riding horses, and I’ve always believed that the only way to move on from an epic, an injury, a jolt, is to

April 09, 2010 Climb, Outdoor Adventures
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